Workouts in a Box: Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Routines


There is nothing like the feeling of strong, vibrant movement in wide-open spaces. Something just feels right about those workouts that break us out of the gym confines and allow us to explore a more three-dimensional, undomesticated fitness experience. We were made to run free, climb trees, swim, and carry essential materials.



Unfortunately, sometimes we have to face 21st-century realities. We are stuck at work, stuck in an apartment, or trying to sneak in a workout while you watch the baby sleep. Your biology may prefer to run free in wide open spaces, but it needs movement however that can be accomplished. In fact, you will feel more alert, energized, and ready for the day if you can fit in any of these circuits. Regardless of the size of your cell, you can still train hard. Here is your, no equipment necessary, guide to fitness inside a box.


Warm up? Yes, that’s right. A cheetah doesn’t warm up, but a cheetah also doesn’t have to fit in workout circuits on his lunch break. A warm up is the beginning of all good training.


Warm Up Bird Dog – 5/side Scales – 3/side Side Plank – 20 sec/side Y-T-W – 10 reps each Offset Squat – 5 reps Quadruped Knee Circles – 3/side Push Ups x5



Strength Circuits


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