The Four Alarm Workout For Powerful, Portable Fitness

The world has never turned faster. We are chasing the kids out of the house, battling traffic, rushing to meetings, and constantly responding to email. Engulfed by this whack-a-mole lifestyle, many simply conclude they no longer have time to exercise. Yet, there is something else at play, as well.


We are busy, no doubt, but that compulsion to check your email every 20-minutes is often accompanied, by a five-minute social media scan. Then a ten-minute reboot as you try to figure out how to best use the time you have before the next meeting. Over and over, mismanaged time interrupts actual productivity, leaving you with a twenty minute blocks too short for re-engaging any large focus-driven project. There is nothing to do, but fill the time with more email and social media scans, or whatever outlet is your smartphone vice.



Take Advantage of Wasted Time

What if we created a system to use those many chunks throughout the day to hit the most important habit for amplifying all our other efforts—a really good exercise dose. According to a 2016 study, the average person spends 116 minutes per day on social media. It is amazing how lots of little chunks of time can add up.


You can get a phenomenal workout in just…

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