Sole F63 Treadmill Review

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The SOLE F63 is the most basic and affordable treadmill available from SOLE. It comes with a decently strong, 3.0 CHP motor, with an incline range of 0%-15%, which is impressive for a treadmill that usually costs $999.

This treadmill is able to fold up and comes with a hydraulic folding system. With this system, you can allow the F63 to drop down hands-free and watch the deck gently touch down. The F63 comes with the speed range of 0.5-12 MPH so that you can perform interval workouts.

Other helpful features on the F63 is the 6.5” LCD screen embedded in the treadmill console. The dark blue letters on the backlit screen are large and easy to read as you workout, allowing you to easily see where you are at in your workout. You can also use either the handlebar pulse grips or the included heart rate monitor chest strap to track your heart rate.

A potential drawback for the F63 is the limited amount of workout programs built into the treadmill. With only 8 exercise programs built-in and 2 spots for customizable programs, you will have to be inventive with your workouts.

Also, the cushioning on the F63 is not the best. While the deck has some flexibility and cushioning, it may not be the ideal treadmill if you are recovering from an injury or have trouble with your joints.

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